Snowball Fundraising Referral Program

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We’ll donate $100 to your cause when you help other nonprofits. 

(We’ll give them $100, too!)

Do you know another nonprofit that could use some help with their online fundraising? We bet you do. In fact, we’ll donate $100 to your cause AND $100 to the organization you refer us to when they sign up for a paid Snowball account

Just fill out the Referral Program Organization Details form. We’ll contact the organization to let them know about Snowball and our Referral Program. Once the other organization has held their membership for 90 days, a $100 donation will be added to your organization’s Snowball Fundraising platform, as well as to the referred organization’s platform.  *See program terms

It really is that easy.


Are you a consultant working on behalf of other nonprofits? Contact us about our Consultant Referral Program. 


*Referral Program Terms & Conditions
For current members who refer another organization:
To be eligible for the $100 donation: 

  • You must have a paid (Premium, Professional or Enterprise) Snowball account.
  • The organization that you refer to Snowball must purchase a new Snowball Fundraising membership (Premium, Professional or Enterprise) within 90 days of the referral.
  • Your Premium, Professional or Enterprise membership must be active at the time of processing. 

Once the referred organization has been a Snowball customer for 90 days, you will receive an email confirming your $100 donation. This one-time donation will appear as a transaction from Snowball CEO John Killoran in your Snowball account’s general campaign. Processing of the donation may take up to 2-4 weeks. The $100 donation is not transferable or redeemable for cash. The Referral Program cannot be combined with other offers for new, rejoining or upgrading members. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.