The Nonprofit Grant Writing Guide: And How to Apply for Funding

Inside: Basics of Grant Writing, Effective Components of Grant Proposals, Finding Grant Opportunities, Strategy


What’s Inside?

  • Understanding the Basics of Grant Writing for Nonprofits
  • Finding the Right Nonprofit Grant Opportunities
  • Components of an Effective Nonprofit Grant Proposal
Building a Case for Your Nonprofit Grant
Refining Your Strategy & Completing Your Application

Is your nonprofit interested in some free funding for large projects and goals?

Of course, you are!


Grant writing for nonprofits can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding components of one’s philanthropic career. When done well, it gives your nonprofit the resources to achieve its goals. Although competition for major grants can be intimidating and the writing process time-consuming, the good news is that with a few solid tips, you’ll be on your way to successful funding.

By following a handful of basic best practices and acquainting yourself with the grant writing process, you can drastically increase the chance that your organization’s grant application will attract attention. Explore this guide to nonprofit grant writing as we walk through an overview of the entire process, plus some helpful tips and resources.

Start using the best practices to find grant funding, writing a winning proposal and apply successfully for grant funding, today!