How to Start a Nonprofit Organization:
12 Steps + Checklist

Inside: Getting Set up, Getting Official & Getting Started


What’s Inside?

  • Defining your Nonprofit's Mission
  • Writing your New Nonprofit's Bylaws
  • Securing Startup Funding
Identifying Local Partners for your Nonprofit
  • Building your Nonprofit's Professional Network

Is your nonprofit interested in some free funding for large projects and goals?

Of course, you are!


If you’ve decided to start a nonprofit, congratulations! You’re about to embark on a fulfilling journey with an incredible purpose: to do good things in this world. Working in nonprofits is extremely rewarding, but founding your own organization can be a major challenge.

Building an effective, long-lasting organizational structure takes determination and planning— and the right tools. Yet being fully prepared and understanding every aspect of nonprofit work goes a long way to help ease the process.

No one works in the nonprofit sphere because it’s easy. Nonprofit organizations are founded for one key reason: to better the world and the communities that comprise it.